Weatherman Faces UnImaginable Numbers in Weather Forecast

Weatherman in a mess

Hilarious Times as a Weatherman Carries out his Forecast with Temperatures that can Melt Iron.

What do you do if you see huge numbers in temperature when you are forecasting weather live on television? Manage the show somehow. This video from Fox News shows weatherman Cory Mcloskey facing a weather map system malfunction in the middle of a News telecast and how he manages with such unbelievable numbers on board. The numbers did not mess up by 1 or 2 degrees. We can see temperatures as high as 2960 and 2395 on the screen. It is a video to watch on the professionalism of Cory who refuses to let off his composure as he describes the possible weather conditions and his inability to advise evacuation. His reference to the temperature that can melt iron is a high point and a must watch.

Source : FOX 10 Phoenix

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