What Makes Homeless People Different?

Homeless people Haircut

Few Minutes of  Your Time for Homeless People Can Make a Big Difference

Have you ever thought about what differentiates us and the homeless people? How do you distinguish a homeless person?  Simple thoughts into this, is the root cause of this video. This video tells us that it just takes a small effort to make homeless people indistinguishable. What this group has achieved, everyone of us can do and our little bit can go a long way in erasing that specific identity. Now to that intriguing question, what is it that this group did to make a difference to the homeless people? Hair cut and trimming. See them after the hair cut, there is no difference. This video drives home the message that we are all the same.

Source : The Toolbox

A little contemplation and this video is born. If everyone of us can pay a little more attention and put in some effort, 600,000 homeless people is not a big number. What do you say? Please share and your views below or on Facebook.



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